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Chathura Piyasekara – Managing Director

"Chathura founded Neochem in 2009. As Managing Director he counts over a decade in experience and innovation in the chemical industry, specializing in fragrances and flavors. His farsighted visionary outlook spear headed Neochem to be a progressive and innovative chemical provider with a high performance team. He has worked with many customers both locally and…
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Sidath Wanaguru – Business Development Manager

A flexible individual, with experiences in both Sales Management & Brand Marketing with a prominent track record of 13 years across the industries of Pharmaceutical, FMCG & business to business marketing. Currently hold the position of business development manager at Neochem International, and shoulder the overall business development responsibility of leading global brands and agencies such as AkzoNobel personal care and Mane flavours and fragrances, etc.
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Charitha Perera – Sales Manager

"As a Sale’s Manager of Neochem International is responsible for leading Neochem to global market in the field of Fragrances and Perfume. With his guidance, the marketing team of the company have reached out to the local & global market and getting down the best products for the customers requirement."
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