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Flavor is the sensory impression of food and it is determined mainly by the senses of smell and taste. Flavors add essence to life. They have always been significant in adding the extra zing and taste to what we essentially eat. Flavors are what bring the 'YUM' factor to our entire food experience, turning daily meals to treats. The right mix of flavors in food is what appeals to people of all ages.

Some of our most profound memories are attached with food we taste. We develop unique flavor experiences that deliver your brand promise to consumers.

Our experts are constantly researching trends and focusing on the magic that consumers are looking for in the market. Our development team works closely with our clients on specific briefs to deliver unique flavors within stipulated deadlines for these categories. We strive to develop and introduce food flavors formulated with the latest advance technologies to the Sri Lankan consumers.

We encourage our local manufactures in taking a bold step in creative innovation when it comes to flavors. This is turn has been the stepping stone to the development and introduction of some remarkable food products which have benefitted the local market and put Sri lan ka on the global map of food flavors.

Neochem represents one of the world leading flavor house’s – MANE, in the Sri Lankan market. MANE’s head office is located in France, and they currently hold a world ranking of # 6 in manufacturing food flavors and fragrances. They comprise of 47 R&D facilities and 15 manufacturing plants located around the world including USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Hence we are in a position to bring down world class concepts and strategies to the Sri Lankan market.

We are in a position to supply food flavors in following categories.

    • Dairy
    • Confectionary and bakery
    • Savory
    • Confectionery
    • Beverages
    • Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Supplements
    • Tea


Rich and tasty Milk, Yoghurt, or a scoop of delicious Ice-cream…or a healthy dessert we compliment the world by giving fun shades of flavors in the dairy category. A range of flavors to offer from classic vanillas to rich & creamier chocolates, dark chocolates and fruity punch, strawberries …you name it and we have it

Confectionary and bakery

Creating a unique taste experience for the crunchy cookies, yummy cream biscuits, chocolate, hard and chewy candies, coated confectionary, extruded confectionary, taking our consumers on a gastronomical escapade. Our complete range of flavors right from vanilla to chocolates assist our clients to create niche and deliver great tasting products for the consumers.


The tangy magic mix of spices and flavors to satiate your taste buds…and have an exciting snacking experience…we have it all!! We supply top notes for the seasoning applications in the savory snacks range.


Re-Creating the nostalgic moments!! Remember the magical days the candies and toffees still lingers in our minds..

We help our clients to re-create those magical moments and transport you back to childhood days through our range of flavors for application in Hard Boiled Candies, Soft Chews & Chocolates at most competitive prices.


Indulge with a hot beverage….. a fun & frolic party drink…..a sip of natural & healthy juice…. or a sip full of vigor and vitality of a health drink….think of us….as we create those feelings and experiences for you to enjoy & revisit!!. Complete flavoring solutions for all types of drinks, juices, health beverages including PSD’s. We give consumers a unique taste experience.


Making medicines more palatable for you and your little ones to bring a smile on your face!!We work closely with our pharmaceutical clients and have a range of flavors and bitterness masking agents to mask the unpleasant notes of pharma ingredients for applications like compressed tablets, dry syrups or syrups as well as nutritional supplements.


We think tea time is a time for fun, laughter and new experiences. Our fruit and herbal flavor range is full of color, life and taste! We have travelled around the world to bring our consumers the best flavor for each blend out there.