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To experience a great fragrance is to experience magic, fragrance has the power to captivate the senses and transport our mind to new realm of imagination. At Neochem, we excel in the art and science of great fragrance creation. Guided by our principles, we put our expertise behind your brand to create signature fragrances. Our fragrances will create unique, consistent and lasting experience for you and your consumers. We take pride in partnering with you to ensure when your product is picked off the self, your brand promise is fulfilled to the utmost satisfaction of your consumers.

We are present in the following categories


Fragrances play an integral part in consumer’s well-being which evokes emotions & memories. Beauty Soaps, Detergent Soap and Laundry Powders are inseparable from the consumers. With years of experience and a constant desire to excel to meet the expectation of consumers, we create unforgettable fragrances. We provide fragrances for the following categories of soap;

    • Beauty Soap
    • Detergent Soap
    • Laundry Powder

Cosmetics & Detergents

Research shows that consumers increasingly are expressing a preference for products with a high percentage of natural fragrances. Accordingly, we've expanded our own all-natural fragrance offerings by adding scents that truly bring you back to the ‘great outdoors’.

Fragrances have a strong association with home. A neat, clean, pleasant smelling ambience at home is key to good health and ultimately to one’s status. This is the understanding that our experts apply in creating fragrances that matches with today’s consumer lifestyle. Our team works hard to create unique and novel fragrance profiles making sure each product is special.

    • Fragrances for Hair Care
      • Shampoo
      • Conditioner
      • Firming Gels
      • Volume Boosters
      • Hair Oils
    • Fragrances for Body Care
      • Creams
      • Lotions
      • Body Wash
    • Fragrances for Fabric Care
      • Fabric Detergents
      • Fabric Softeners
    • Fragrances for Home Care
      • Floor Cleaners
      • Air Fresheners
      • Dish Wash
      • Toilet Cleaners
      • Car Cleaners

Candles &Incense Sticks

Burning incense sticks is an effective way to beat stress, encourage balance, and breathe new life into old routines. In the hustle and bustle of modern society, it can be challenging to make time for ourselves and escape from the busy pace of everyday life. Burning incense is a pleasant sensory experience that people have valued from time immemorial, and the practice is being revived more and more as people realize how important it is to attend to often neglected aspects of wellbeing, such as mental and spiritual clarity. We help in bringing out this spirituality with our lingering aroma’s that soothe any weary soul.