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Life Sciences

Established in 2009, Neochem International Pvt Ltd, has now stepped onto the supply of the ultimate demand of Research Chemicals, reagents, Consumables, Glassware, Culture Media, Laboratory Equipment in Sri Lanka to meet the International Standards and Specifications.

The well renowned brands Merck and Sigma Aldrich, who are the pioneers in providing solutions for Life science projects has Joined with us from the very beginning to cater the Sri Lankan Market in successfully completing a research or a laboratory trial without a doubt with their combined broad portfolio of over 300,000 products. With such a broad portfolio we are dedicated to provide scientists and engineers with best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services and ultimately make research and biotech production simpler, faster and safer.
During the Path of supplying our customers, the high-end instrument ranging from HPLC, GC-MS-MS to Analytical Balances and Thermometers, JEOL, Anton Paar, Hitachi are few of the many prestigious brands we represent in Sri Lanka. The establishment of these brands have never been easy with our very own excellently trained technical and product Engineering Team.

At NeoChem we aim to provide superior quality in Products and Services at competitive prices to meet the essential requirements of our esteemed customers. Our value of returning to society and our commitment by our action and words is what evokes trust amongst our customers.

  • best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services
High Technology Equipment
Auto Analyzers, NIR, Spectrophotometers
Water Quality Testing Equipment
Molecular Biology Equipment and Reagents
Water Purification Systems
Freezers ULT, Microwave Digesters
Air Samplers, Air Quality Monitors
Air Clean Systems
General Lab Instrument
Water Baths
Dehydrated Culture media and Supplements
Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM)
Reagents and Stains
Certified Reference Microorganisms
Molecular Biology Reagents and Kits
Extraction Kits and Reagents
Cell Lines
Cell Culture media and Supplements

Specialty Chemicals
Standards and CRMs (Certified Reference Materials)
General Chemicals, Glassware and Consumables
Organic & Inorganic Chemicals
AR/LR Grade Laboratory Chemicals
High Purity Solvents and Acids
Buffer Solutions and Capsules
PH indicators
High Quality Glassware and all Required

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